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Here you can find details about some of the information discussed in Clara’s Journal: And the Story of Two Pandemics.

Clara Mae Horen was an 18-year-old senior in high school in 1918 during the famous influenza pandemic, living in a small rural community in South Dakota But she read books, attended plays, cooked her favorite dishes and deserts, and played the piano. Here you will be able to explore these topics in further detail.

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In 1918, people cooked much more than most of us today. Clara was only 18 years old, so she did not do a lot of cooking, but she mentions a few dishes. Here are some recipes from the early 1900s of foods she discusses in her journal. Popcorn Balls


Music was a huge part of Clara’s life. She not only played the piano at home, but she played at funerals and other events. Specific songs were mentioned at both funerals and weddings. Plus, Clara and her friends attended a concerto, a quartet, and a Christmas program. Click on the songs below to hear anContinue reading “Music”

Photos of People

Curious about what some of the people from Clara’s Journal look like? Or some of the places? Click through the gallery to find photos that will help bring Cresbard, South Dakota to life!. The Horen Family Cresbard Families (Chapters 1-7) Cresbard Families (Chapters 8-20)

Michael O’Halloran

Summary This novel written by Gene Stratton-Porter in 1915 tells the story of an orphaned newspaper boy in Indiana and his adventures helping others. After meeting a little crippled girl, he begins to make plans for a new life. He becomes a leader of the community and brings joy to all. Buy on Amazon (ByContinue reading “Michael O’Halloran”


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